2019 Year in Review

Wow! 2019 is almost over. A lot has happened this year, including me being fired from my day job and transitioning to freelancing full time.

It’s been a great year for Vapor Modules as well. It would be nice to pick up more sales, but that will come in time. I try to avoid spamming the Beaver Builder Facebook group. And most of the modules have been accepted positively.

Let’s go over the Vapor Modules history and set goals for 2020.

Vapor Modules history

Vapor modules originally were called MediaRon BB Modules. I set up a giveaway campaign in the Beaver Builder Facebook group and over 300 people took advantage of it. But I made a mistake. I didn’t properly prefix my modules, and a backward-incompatible change was made and I re-branded it to Vapor Modules. Why Vapor? Because I’m an avid vaper and vapor is what I exhale.

It all started with the social media icons module. Soon after that, I released the copyright module and realized I could potentially make some money with these modules.

I set up Easy Digital Downloads and started to charge for the modules. Granted, there were only two modules, but I had every intention of adding more modules over time.

I had a meeting with my boss and asked if he was interested in adopting these modules as part of his business plan. I saw stars and money in the future. He declined, so I rebranded and launched Vapor Modules in May of 2019. It was because of Vapor Modules that I was fired. My boss claimed I was using work time to develop the modules. In reality, I was building these modules in my spare time and utilizing them for Beaver Builder related projects that we had.

After the firing, I had severe PTSD and took a nose-dive into depression. This was about June of 2019. I contacted all of my freelance contacts and begged for work. I accumulated a lot of debt. It was slow at first, but I kept going and am now almost a full-time freelancer for well-known agencies.

Work slowed on the module creation, but it is still my baby and I continued to refine existing modules. Sales did not come in, so in my mind, I considered it a dead project. However, I still love Beaver Builder and as I developed more client sites, new modules would pop-up in my head.

I think it’s important for a module builder to build sites for clients. It’s the best way to get ideas for new modules or refine and update existing ones for flexibility.

So What’s The Plan?

I’m in this for the long-haul. I debated releasing my own template library, but I didn’t want to detract my time from creating modules. So I have decided that Vapor Modules will simply be a collection of modules. There are a few things I’d like to do such as adding row effects and even a row-scheduler, but that’ll take some time to think through a proper solution.

I will add new modules as customers request them. If a module already exists somewhere, I’ll recommend that instead. If there are features missing that a customer wants, I will consider creating a module.

What’s Changed This Year?

Lots! I released over 17 modules, not including the ones I created as MediaRon modules. I refactored all of the code to meet WordPress’s strict coding standards. You can view my full readme of changes.

I also decided to increase the prices so that the business can sustain itself if/when sales start pouring in. What’s lacking right now is marketing and word-of-mouth, but search engines are slowly picking up the modules.

I also don’t consider PowerPack or UABB as competition. If anything, I try my best to add modules that do not exist in either one so that Vapor Modules are complimentary instead of competing head-on, which would be a disaster.


Vapor modules are here to say as long as I’m around. It’s my baby, and I usually dive into the code when client work has dried up. I will continue to update modules and add new ones when it makes sense.

Thanks for reading.

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