I’m putting Vapor Modules on Hold Indefinitely

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Just to be clear before I start this: I will not be getting rid of this website and ending product downloads. I have just stopped the actual “purchase” of the product.

For lifetime license holders who have gratefully helped support this product, I will work with you on a case-by-case basis on a refund. I honestly have zero funds in the bank, but I will do my best to make sure you are compensated for the inconvenience. Perhaps we can work out something non-monetary out such as free consulting or some website support? I’m open to suggestions. Just email me at ronald@mediaron.com and we’ll work something out.

Starting off with a bad name

Vapor modules, in hindsight, was a bad name. I chose it because I “vape”, but honestly, most people stumbled upon the website looking for “vape” products and were likely surprised when I offered none of that 🙂

I tried to make it work, but it just didn’t work out as far as naming goes.

Saturated Market

Let’s be honest. Powerpack and UABB are the kings (queens?) of the market. There’s really no competition there. I tried to “differentiate” by offering unique modules, but that wasn’t enough. I shall let them remain the top of the markets.

As far as Beaver Builder, I feel the momentum is more behind Elementor these days. And to be honest, I’m just not excited for the “builder” market anymore. There are so many options out there, it’s frustrating to focus on just one. And I’m not about to enter another builder market after having little success with the “Beaver Builder” market. But I will say this: Beaver Builder continues to be the easiest “page builder” to extend.

Module Quality

To be honest, I tried my best. The modules could use some work honestly. I’ve tried improving them the best I can, but it’s been a fruitless effort.

I did have an awesome Instagram module, but it no longer works and it was taxing my poor server. Powerpack has an Instagram module that still works.

Open Source Commitment

Vapor Modules has always been Open Source in a “free as in beer” way. The source code has always been available to the public and I’ve made it clear on the website that is the case. I was hoping people would purchase a “support” license or something similar, but that has not been the case. Most of the recent “purchases” have been of the free no-support version. If you do happen to “purchase” a license from here on out, I will issue an immediate refund. I’ve hidden the functionality from my website the best I can. That’s fine. I’ll keep that option available if people want it. I can’t remember the last time someone actually purchased the product for cash-money.

Is this website going away?

In the short-term, no. I don’t see any issue hosting the website and code. I can’t promise any further updates, however. As I’ve mentioned, the sales aren’t worth it, and most people prefer the free version anyways. If it works for you/them, that’s fine with me.

Will you be “acquired”?

Probably not. I’m open to it, but I imagine most of the modules will have to be re-engineered/re-purposed. And the modules are “my” interpretation, so there will be some disagreement on how the modules should be implemented.

If you want to take the code and fork it into your own product, that would be amazing. And if you’re serious, I’ll even link to it. But as I said, it’s a saturated market and I honestly feel the Beaver Builder market is dying and unfortunately Elementor/Gutenberg will remain on top. This is the first time in years I haven’t renewed by Beaver Builder license because I’m eventually going to switch over everything to GeneratePress and Gutenberg (at least until I find something better).

So what now?

I’ll be leaving the Astra (I own a lifetime license btw) and Beaver Builder Facebook groups. I’m basically exiting the market, while leaving this website up and allowing people to download the product for free. I’m not using my mailing list, so you have zero chance of me spamming you.

If you want to say hi, you can always email me at ronald@mediaron.com, or @ me on Twitter: ronalfy

I’m Thankful

The Beaver Builder community is extremely friendly and helpful. The Beaver Builder team is trying their best. They have a good product. Unfortunately, Elementor just has more momentum because they have more money in the bank honestly. If you’re a Beaver Builder fan, keep supporting the product. They’re good people.

Thank you for all of you who have tried my product. I will be thankful for you, and I would name you by name, but that would be a violation of your privacy 🙂

I tried. I failed. I’m leaving this website up as long as I can afford it.


Ronald Huereca

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