March 2020 Update

Phew. What a month so far? Without stating the obvious, I know this month has been hard on everyone. Thankfully work hasn’t seemed to dry up for me, but I realize not everyone is as fortunate. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, please contact me and I’ll grant you a free lifetime license so we can keep chugging along together.

New Design

Vapor Modules has re-re-branded. Not really. I just updated the design of the site to be a bit more sleek and modern. Please leave a comment with your feedback.

New Modules

Two new modules have been released with the most recent update:

  • Icon module – A twist on Beaver Builder’s default icon module. It allows for horizontal and vertical positioning. You can also add photos instead of icons.
Icon Module
Icon Module
Featured Post Module
Featured Post Module

Commitment to Open Source

Did you know that Vapor Modules is developed in the open? Check out the GitHub repository. Feel free to leave issues and feature requests.

Looking Ahead

I’m in tweak mode, which means going module to module and fine-tuning everything. Where it makes sense, a new module will be released. Expect for the time being that Vapor Modules will be undergoing several maintenance releases. Now is your time to voice your frustrations over existing modules or features you think are missing.

Thanks for reading.

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