Available Modules

Advanced Coupon Module

Advanced Coupon Module

Create complex coupon layouts including borders, background images, coupon codes, disclaimers, and more!

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Advanced Headings For Beaver Builder

Advanced Headings

Advanced headings for Beaver Builder can be fully customized with a description, variable headings, separators, and much more.

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Advanced Photo Overlay Module For Beaver Builder

Advanced Photo Overlay

The photo overlay module for Beaver Builder allows you to overlay text over an image. This is useful for highlighting a feature on an image.

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Alerts Module For Beaver Builder


Show Bootstrap style alerts with several theme choices or design your own. Add an icon, and a CTA button as well with customizable options.

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Button Animations For Beaver Builder

Animated Buttons

Choose from an endless amount of animation effects for your buttons and icons with animated buttons that looks great on hover.

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Animated Headlines For Beaver Builder

Animated Headlines

Choose to animate your headlines! Animate by gradient, color, and several other special effects. No more boring headlines!

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Animated Letters For Beaver Builder

Animated Letters

Choose from a variety of animation effects for your text. Customize the color, typography, delay, and much more! There are many fun combinations you can do.

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Before And After Feature For Beaver Builder

Before and After

Before and After module for Beaver Builder allows you to select a before/after state using same size images. You can select several styles.

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Blockquote Module For Beaver Builder


Show off your blockquotes for Beaver Builder in style! Choose from several variations and make your text stand out attractively.

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Breadcrumbs Module For Beaver Builder


Display Breadcrumbs that support Yoast, Breadcrumbs NavXT, Rank Math, and SEOPress. Customize the link color and use them in your themer layouts.

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Button Group For Beaver Builder

Button Group

Insert a group of buttons using Beaver Builder. This is useful if you would like multiple CTAs on the same line and have them responsive for mobile devices.

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Button Module For Beaver Builder


Choose from a variety of button effects such as transparent border, gradient effects, and hover effects. The buttons are highly customizable.

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Calendly Integration

Calendly Module

Choose a Calendly integration that is right for you. You can insert the module directly on a page, or use the customizer to create a site-wide popup.

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Card Module For Beaver Builder


Create beautiful cards using Beaver Builder. They are fully responsive and you can use them to display CTAs and even use them for testimonials.

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Card Group Module For Beaver Builder

Card Group

Display Beautiful Card Groups for your layout using Beaver Builder. Each card is heavily customizable and displays in a beautiful grid.

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Category Grid For Beaver Builder

Category Grid

The category grid module for Beaver Builder allows you to select a taxonomy or select group of categories to display in a grid-like format on your site.

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Circular Carousel Featured

Circular Carousel

The circular carousel module allows you to have some text, an overlay, and possibly a background image. It has an optional hover effect. You can even assign a link.

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Module Updates

Content Scroller Module

Scroll your content in a parallax effect down and up the page for a smooth scrolling effect for your content.

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Copyright Module For Beaver Builder


Display a copyright notice on your website. This is useful for using the Themer plugin with Beaver Builder and can be displayed in your footer.

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Credit Card Module

Credit Cards Module

Choose from a variety of credit card options, adjust the alignment, size, and appearance.

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Css Columns Example

CSS Columns

CSS Columns are hard! With this module, we hope to simplify adding columns of text all the way up to six columns! The columns are fully responsive.

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Easy Digital Downloads Count Module For Beaver Builder

EDD Download Count

If you use Easy Digital Downloads with the Software Licensing option, display how many downloads for your products have occurred.

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Emailoctopus Featured

EmailOctopus Module

EmailOctopus is an email marketing company that specializes in cheaper prices, great templates, and great support.

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Featured Category For Beaver Builder

Featured Category

The Featured Category module allows you to select a featured category, display a background image, adjust the padding, and change the button appearance.

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Featured Post Module

Featured Post

Insert a featured post wherever you choose. Add a featured image, label, customize the colors, and change the read more text.

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Frequently Asked Questions Module For Beaver Builder

Frequently Asked Questions

Demonstration of the FAQ module for Beaver Builder that also includes our real FAQ section.

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Github Gists Module For Beaver Builder

Github Gists

The Gists module allows you to easily insert your favorite Gists from GitHub. You can customize whether meta is shown, and add a caption with typography.

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Github Markdown Module For Beaver Builder

GitHub Markdown

The GitHub Markdown module allows you to insert GitHub flavored Markdown using Beaver Builder. There’s options for syntax highlighting and a default theme.

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Gravatar Module For Beaver Builder


Include Gravatars by user id or email address. Customize whether to link to the Gravatar profile. Show a title with a name.

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Gravity Forms For Beaver Builder

Gravity Forms

Use Gravity Forms with Beaver Builder! Style everything from the labels, buttons, error messages, confirmations, and pagination.

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Icon Module


Insert an icon or photo with some text. Choose an icon background, link, and size. Select a vertical and horizontal alignment. Add some text. Make it pretty!

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Jetpack Related Posts Module For Beaver Builder

Jetpack Related Posts

Insert Jetpack Related Posts anywhere in your template. This is especially useful if you are using a Beaver Builder themer layout.

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Jetpack Sharing Icons For Beaver Builder

Jetpack Sharing

Jetpack Sharing for Beaver Builder allows you to insert Jetpack sharing icons (if enabled) anywhere in your Beaver Builder templates.

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Learndash Module Featured Image

LearnDash Modules for Beaver Builder

Vapor Modules now has LearnDash LMS integration. Use the power of Beaver Builder to build out your course content using sixteen new modules.

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Native Syntax Highlighting For Beaver Builder

Native Syntax Highlighting

Add native syntax highlighting to Beaver Builder using no external third-party plugin. Easily insert code snippets. Change the code and theme.

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Photo Module Featured Image

Photo Module

The photo module allows for extreme customization including image filters, borders, background color, and more.

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Photo Overlay For Beaver Builder

Photo Overlay

The photo overlay module for Beaver Builder allows you to overlay text over an image. This is useful for highlighting a feature on an image.

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Wp Plugin Info Card

Plugin Info Card

WP Plugin Info Card is an easy-to-use plugin for displaying your plugins and themes that are listed on WordPress.org.

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Custom Post Type Select Module For Beaver Builder

Post Type Select

Select post types filtered by taxonomy and term. Display in a grid or list format. Numerous display options are available for fine tuning.

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Pricing Table Example

Pricing Table Module

It’s hard to find a good pricing table module or Beaver Builder. While this module does not have the greatest amount of features, it does allow extreme flexibility to customize each item.

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Restaurant Items Module For Beaver Builder

Restaurant Modules

Restaurant modules for Beaver Builder allow you to quickly and easily create a menu for your clients. It includes three modules including a tabbed menu.

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Separators And Spacer Module For Beaver Builder

Separators and a Spacer

Beaver Builder needs better separators, and included are four modules for creating separators, and even a spacer module for when you just need extra room.

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Simple Coupon Screenshot

Simple Coupon Module

The Simple Coupon Module allows you to enter text with a discount code, a call-to-action, and a disclaimer option.

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Social Icons Module For Beaver Builder

Social Icons

Social Icons for Beaver Builder allows you to quickly and easily display social icons anywhere on your site using Beaver Builder.

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Dynamic Content Soliloquy

Soliloquy Dynamic Module

The Soliloquy dynamic module for Beaver Builder works with both Advanced Custom Fields gallery fields and WooCommerce gallery images.

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Soliloquy Module For Beaver Builder

Soliloquy Slider

Add a Soliloquy slider using Beaver Builder. Adjust caption options.

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Syntax Highlighting Module For Beaver Builder

Syntax Highlighting

Add syntax highlighting to Beaver Builder using Syntax Highlighter Evolved plugin. Easily insert code snippets using this module.

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Testimonials Module For Beaver Builder


Include Testimonials with Beaver Builder. Built-in are three layouts: card, list, and slider. Each are heavily customizable.

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Timeline Featured

Timeline Module

Create a categorized and date organized timeline. Change the background and typography per item, hide items, and customize to your heart’s desire.

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Tomtom Map Example

TomTom Map

TomTom is an easy-to-use and stylish map. Adjust the map to your content, add an interactive sidebar, and style the info windows.

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Twitter Embeds For Beaver Builder

Twitter Status Embeds

Embed your favorite Twitter Statuses using Beaver Builder. Customize the width, alignment, link color, or even choose a light or dark theme.

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Unordered List Module For Beaver Builder

Unordered List

Unordered Lists can now be used in style for Beaver Builder. Choose an icon, circular or square style, and even full width effects.

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User Profile Module For Beaver Builder

User Profile Picture

The User Profile Module is highly customizable and features four different themes. It pulls in the Avatar and biography automatically.

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Variable Heading For Beaver Builder

Variable Headings

With Variable Headings for Beaver Builder, you can change the font size and color of each item in your headline. This allows for creative headings.

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Vegas Row Background Slider For Beaver Builder

Vegas Background Slider

Use a heavily customizable Vegas Slider for Beaver Builder. Vegas is a background slideshow and default caption styles are applied.

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Vegas Row Background Slider For Beaver Builder

Vegas Row Background Slider

Add a Vegas background image slideshow to Beaver Builder with lots of transitions and animations available.

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Woocommerce Cart Module For Beaver Builder

WooCommerce Add Cart Module

Show a WooCommerce cart anywhere you like. It’s very useful if you have Beaver Builder Themer and need to include it in the header.

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Woocommerce Featured Category For Beaver Builder

WooCommerce Featured Category

Easily show off your WooCommerce categories. Features include a background image, overlays, overlays on hover, internal borders, and more. Fully responsive.

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Woocommerce Featured Products For Beaver Builder

WooCommerce Featured Products

Easily show off your WooCommerce products in a customizable grid with a myriad of customization options available. Add up to six products.

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