Calendly Module

Choose a Calendly integration that is right for you. You can insert the module directly on a page, or use the customizer to create a site-wide popup.

To see this in use in the wild, please visit my friend's website on Mediation. He uses the Calendly module on his consultation page.

Calendly Module Options

Calendly Module Options

Within the module, just enter your Calendly username, adjust some text and colors, and you're all set. You can choose between an inline integration or a simple text link.

Use the Customizer

Visit the WordPress customizer and you'll see an option for Calendly. This will allow you to have a pop-up box on the bottom right of your screen where users can quickly schedule appointments with you.

Calendly Customizer

Inline Example

You can visit my friend's Mediation Consultation page to see how embedded inline works. It's pretty nifty. Here's a screengrab of the result.

Calendly Integration