Custom Post Type Select

Select post types filtered by taxonomy and term. Display in a grid or list format. Numerous display options are available for fine-tuning. Here are the options.

Select a Post Type, Drill Down by Taxonomy and Term

You can select from all available post types and even filter by taxonomy and term.

Post Select Custom Post Types
Post Select Custom Post Types

Post Select Options

Select options such as layout, number of columns, number of posts to retrieve, and padding.

Post Select General Options
Post Select General Options

Display Options

Fine tune what is displayed with display options. Show certain aspects of the post and where the featured image is displayed.

Post Select Display Options
Post Select Display Options

Color and Typography

Control every aspect of color and typography for your posts.

Post Select Typography Options
Post Select Typography Options


Fine tune the pagination options including changing the padding, background color, hover color, active color, and more!

Post Select Pagination Options
Post Select Pagination Options


You can see a live demo by going to my Modules Archive page, or view one below.

Advanced Photo Overlay

The photo overlay module for Beaver Builder allows you to overlay text over an image. This is useful for highlighting a feature on an image.


Show Bootstrap style alerts with several theme choices or design your own. Add an icon, and a CTA button as well with customizable options.

Animated Buttons

Choose from an endless amount of animation effects for your buttons and icons with animated buttons that looks great on hover.

Here's an example using the list format.

Featured Post Module

Featured Post

Insert a featured post wherever you choose. Add a featured image, label, customize the colors, and change the read more text.

Icon Module


Insert an icon or photo with some text. Choose an icon background, link, and size. Select a vertical and horizontal alignment. Add some text. Make it pretty!

Tomtom Map Example

TomTom Map

TomTom is an easy-to-use and stylish map. Adjust the map to your content, add an interactive sidebar, and style the info windows.