Pricing Table Module

Pricing Tables are hard! I know! I just spent four days coding this module alone. While this module doesn't necessarily have the features of other well-known Beaver Builder modules, it does allow for extreme flexibility.

You can change the fonts, background colors, button behavior, and such PER pricing option. Granted, this could get ugly if you go overboard, but the option is there. I recommend creating one pricing table and then duplicating it and customizing from there to be consistent. And if you want different color/font values for the 2nd or 3rd table (this module supports up to 6 tables), you can go for it.

This module uses Flexbox for appearance and will work all the way back to IE11.

Here are some examples below:

Three Column Pricing Table Example

You can add up to six pricing tables. The example below uses three.

$9.00 Per Month
  • 1 Site
  • 6 Basic Add-ons
  • Yearly Support
  • White Label
  • All Basic Features
$24.00 Per Month
  • 5 Sites
  • 12 Pro Add-ons
  • Yearly Support
  • White Label
  • All Pro Features
$159.00 Once
  • Unlimited Sites
  • All add-ons
  • Unlimited Support
  • White Label
  • All Basic and Pro Features