Three New Modules Released

I’d like to introduce you to three new modules.

Pricing Table

Create a highly customizable pricing table. You can see a demo in my footer. Each card is customizable so that you can have different styles. While I admit this is hard to manage at first, it’s easy to create one pricing table and duplicate and customize from there.

Pricing Table Example
Pricing Table Example

Simple Coupon Module

The Simple Coupon Module allows for quick styling and placement.

Simple Coupon Module Example
Simple Coupon Module Example

Advanced Coupon Module

Customize a coupon code just the way you like. Add a background photo, add a border and inner border, display a photo/icon, display a headline, a description, call-to-action, and a disclaimer.

Advanced Coupon Module Example
Advanced Coupon Example

EmailOctopus Integration

EmailOctopus is an email marketing company similar to what MailChimp used to be. This module integrates with their WordPress plugin.

Emailoctopus Sample Form Output
EmailOctopus Example Styles
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