Vapor Modules 3.0.0 Released with Gutenberg Options

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I have made the most recent update regarding Vapor modules, which includes two Gutenberg blocks, one for inserting saved rows, and one for inserting saved modules.

This is a free update for all Vapor Module users. If you are having trouble with your licensing, please send me an email at with your current email address and license if you have it.

Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg Block Category
Gutenberg Block Options

Two Gutenberg blocks exist for inserting saved Modules and Rows. If this is popular, I can also add a preview option and a transform option to just plain shortcodes. The idea is to make inserting saved Beaver Builder content in the Block Editor as easy as possible.

Saved Rows

Gutenberg Saved Rows
Gutenberg Saved Rows

Easily insert a Beaver Builder Saved Row without having to remember the shortcode. I can add a Preview modal if this feature is popular.

Saved Modules

Gutenberg Saved Modules
Gutenberg Saved Modules

Like rows, you can easily insert a saved module without having to remember the shortcode ID. I can add a Preview modal if this feature is popular.

Gutenberg Reusable Block Module (experimental)

Gutenberg Block Module
Gutenberg Block Module

I have included a new experimental module that will allow you to insert a Reusable Block inside Beaver Builder.

Not all Reusable Blocks behave the same way with styles, which is why it’s experimental.

As Gutenberg evolves and includes more re-usable parts, I will update this module accordingly.

Open Source Commitment

I’d like to stress again that Vapor Modules are Open Source and free modules. You can view the source code and modify it as you see fit.

I do have support available, but that is in the form of a support package (which is optional), or via our Facebook Group.

Facebook Group

Please join our Facebook group if you are using these modules for community help and developer feedback.

Get Vapor Modules – It’s Free

Get Vapor Modules for Free!


The Beaver Builder community is extremely friendly and helpful. The Beaver Builder team is trying their best. They have a good product. If you’re a Beaver Builder fan, keep supporting the product. They’re good people.

Thank you to all of you who have tried my product. I will be thankful for you, and I would name you by name, but that would be a violation of your privacy 🙂


Ronald Huereca

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