Vapor Modules Now Has a Free Tier

Vapor Modules, and its 80+ modules, now have a free tier. This means you can “purchase” Vapor Modules for free.

This move has five goals:

  1. Increase the use and popularity of the modules.
  2. Gather feedback from people using the modules.
  3. Build out my newsletter to better promote other products.
  4. Charge for a support license yearly as a user needs support.
  5. Grandfather in past lifetime purchasers to continue to have lifetime updates and support.

The free tier will include all currently released modules. The support tier will include any “premium” modules (to be determined) and any add ons developed (also to be determined). We’ll work with it as we go.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Otherwise, go get Vapor Modules!

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